Power Up 3.0 Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 Remote Control Paper Airplane Review

PowerUp has a reputation for making some of the best remote control paper planes or drones in the industry. Their products aren’t just for children. Adults looking for a new hobby can buy the PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane. You’d be amazed at how soothing using powerup toys will be to your mind. This brings us to the main question that brought you to this PowerUp 3.0 Amazon review. Is the RC Paper Plane kit worth the hype? 

Update: The PowerUp 3.0 in this review is no longer available but the next model up the PowerUp 4.0 is. The 4.0 has more control options than the 3.0 model. We will provide a full review of it in the near future. For now you can check out the awesome PowerUp 4.0 remote control paper airplane at Amazon


PowerUp 4.0 remote control paper plane

Top 3 Features of the PowerUp Electric Airplane 

#1. Smartphone Controlled 

In the past, motorized paper planes came with independent remote controllers. They were often bulky and not durable. While some paper planes still come with remote controllers, this one can be controlled with your Android or ios device as long as you have the PowerUp 3.0 app. However, it is essential to note that it uses the Bluetooth Smart Connect Feature, which isn’t compatible with every Android device, but all Apple products from 2011 are compatible.

#2. Simple and Safe Design 

The design is beautiful and safe to use for children as young as four years. The mechanical part of the drone has a dome around it. The propeller and rudder are at the back, and there is a light carbon fiber strip. The batteries, Bluetooth receiver, sensors, and every other electronic part of the device are strategically placed under the dome for safety. You can turn it off and on using the tiny switch behind the Bluetooth antenna. After being assembled, the PowerUp 3.0 weighs just 0.3 ounces. Despite the lightweight, it has incredible balance. So, it will only tilt when you want it to tilt. 

#3. Rechargeable Battery

As stated above, the PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane has a small battery in the dome. The battery will last for up to 10 minutes non-stop before you need to recharge it. While this doesn’t seem like a long time, it’s ideal for a paper airplane. The battery in the PowerUp paper plane kit lasts a little longer than many competing planes. When you want to recharge it, all you have to do is use the USB cable and connect it to a power outlet. You can recharge the battery in 20 minutes. It’s not uncommon for the battery to eventually lose its strength. If this happens, you can buy a new battery and replace it with ease. 


● The app is easy to use as the plane can be controlled with a single throttle 

● It has a virtual horizon that is similar to the ones that used for real airplanes 

● You can change the direction of the plane by tilting your smartphone 

● The app displays details about the signal strength and battery level 

● The device’s lightweight makes it fast and easy to use 


● The PowerUp app controls are limited in options and range 

● Flying indoors is not ideal unless you are in a large space with no obstacles

The Verdict 

The PowerUp 3.0 paper plane might be a little more expensive than many other paper planes. However, it offers good value for money. It turns a simple paper airplane into a great educational tool that you can use repeatedly.

Update: The PowerUp 3.0 in this review is no longer available but the next model up the PowerUp 4.0 is ,check it out on Amazon