Fold Paper To Make A Plane

Before we start with our basic paper plane design and learn how to fold a paper airplane, we need to get a piece of paper that is large enough. I recommend a paper sheet that is equivalent to an A4/Letter paper sheet (21 x 29.7 centimeters or 8.3 x 11.7 inches) and equal thickness to the regular paper used in a printer, thus allowing enough flexibility for folding yet still being rigid enough. The paper used can be of any color, and it doesn’t matter if it has writing on it, it just has to be flat.

So let’s get started folding our simple paper airplane with the easy to follow step by step instructions with pictures below.

Try and be as accurate as you can with your folding, but remember the objective of this website is to have fun and learn through experimentation. So let us start the folding process.

Step 1
Fold the paper sheet in half.
Step 2
Open open the paper sheet
Step 2 paper aeroplane folding
Step 3
Fold the left top corner into the middle line
Step 3 how to fold a Paper airplane
Step 4
Fold the right top corner into the middle line
Step 4 Folding a paper plane
Step 5
Grab the new left corner and fold it into the middle line
Step 5 folding a paper aeroplane
Step 6
Grab the new right corner and fold it into the middle line
Step 6 how to fold a paper plane
Step 7
Fold the left side onto the right side and when they are even run your finger across all the folded areas.
Step 7 how to fold a basic paper plane
Step 8
Now we are going to fold the wings. Choose either side to start. From the front of the paper plane (the pointy end), slowly fold down the upper section of the paper to the lower part of the paper airplane, where the original half fold was and follow it through to the back as shown on the picture.
Step 8 How to fold a paper aeroplane
Step 9
Repeat the process in step 8, making sure both wings align with each other. If the sides are even, this will assist in the accuracy of the paper airplane flight.
Step 9 how to fold a paper plane
Step 10
Raise the wings from their folded positions to the middle. Congratulations, now you have your paper plane.
Step 10 Completed paper airplane

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