Learning Through Play
A simple fun experience of making and experimenting with paper airplanes


Before we start with our basic paper plane design and learn how to fold a paper airplane, we need to get a piece of paper that is large enough. I recommend a paper sheet that is equivalent to an A4/Letter


You followed the instructions of the paper plane design and folded it. So now, let’s learn the correct way of throwing a paper airplane so you can literally fly paper. Read along and use the pictures. Using your index finger


In this section, we will test different modifications to improve flight characteristics, some adjustments will improve, and some may not, it all depends on what you want to achieve, i.e., fast flight, extra distance, longer flight time. At this point,

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Welcome to Fold Fly Learn.

The goal of this site is to encourage adults and children to have fun while learning through experimentation. I love anything that flies, and I wanted to share my passion for flight in a simple and relatively inexpensive way. I have tried to keep the paper plane origami as simple as possible. Why? Simple answer, I can’t fold complicated designs myself, and I concluded that, like me, others shared the same frustration. The beauty of paper airplanes is that you can fold them relatively quickly. They don’t require batteries, you can keep modifying them, make new ones, and if one does get damaged, you can promptly replace it. Which is great for kids as you can quickly fold a new one.
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Get your family and friends involved in the entertaining, simple, fun experience of making and experimenting with paper airplanes.

Fold a basic paper airplane design

Fly paper airplanes with the correct throwing techniques

Learn to modify paper airplanes to improve flying characteristics

Learn the concepts of basic aerodynamics while having fun

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