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Welcome to Fold Fly Learn.

The goal of this site is to encourage adults and children to have fun while learning through experimentation.

I love anything that flies, and I wanted to share my passion for flight in a simple and relatively inexpensive way.

I have tried to keep the paper plane origami as simple as possible. Why?

Simple answer: I can’t fold complicated designs myself, and I concluded that, like me, others shared the same frustration.

The beauty of paper airplanes is that you can fold them relatively quickly. They don’t require batteries, you can keep modifying them, make new ones, and if one does get damaged, you can promptly replace it. Which is great for kids as you can quickly fold a new one.

If you are concerned about paper wastage, this is a great way to reuse paper that was lying around the house. When you have finished with your plane, you can put it in the recycling bin.

There are three main sections on this website:

  • Fold, where you will learn how to fold a simple paper plane
  • Fly, where you will learn the basic techniques for throwing a paper airplane
  • Learn, where you will learn aerodynamics of flight by experimenting and modifying different designs to see how each modification affects the total flight path of the paper plane.

Thanks for choosing to visit Fold Fly Learn.