Learn To Fly Paper Planes

You followed the instructions of the paper plane design and folded it.

So now, let’s learn the correct way of throwing a paper airplane so you can literally fly paper.

Read along and use the pictures.

Using your index finger and your thumb hold the paper plane, as shown in the picture below.

Correct holding technique

Now to find the optimum position to hold the paper plane, gently grab the paper airplane at the front and move it through your thumb and index finger until you find the location where the paper airplane remains balanced and does not tip-up or down in your hand by itself.

Correct way to hold a paper plane

Follow the picture below, the point at which you release your grip of the paper plane is where your hand passes 90 degrees relative to your elbow.

How to throw a paper airplane

Don’t worry if you can’t do this initially. These are just instructions to get you going, the whole objective of this website is to have fun, and learn by trial and error through experimentation.

So now that we have a basic idea of how to throw our paper airplane let us move to the next section. Here we will experiment and modify our paper airplane to get the best possible flight and learn about basic aerodynamics.