PowerUP 2.0 addon motor

PowerUp 2.0 Attachment Paper Airplane Motor Detailed 2021 Review

The average paper airplane can only fly for 10 seconds or less. However, you can keep your paper airplane afloat for much longer as the PowerUp 2.0 attachment motor will power the plane for 30 seconds. This small but efficient mechanical device turns a small and light piece of paper into a motorized PowerUp toy that anyone can use. This conversation kit doesn’t just flow with the wind. It also makes the paper plane more grounded by giving it extra stability. As long as you can fold your paper airplane properly, it can become the perfect electric paper plane with PowerUp 2.0. 

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3 Features of the PowerUp 2.0 Attachment Motor for a Paper Airplane 

#1. Motor Comes With A Quick Charge Device 

Battery strength and durability are two factors that buyers should always consider when trying to make a motorized paper airplane. The PowerUp 2.0 comes with a quick charge device that uses 3 AA batteries, which will charge the device in less than a minute. Since most smartphone-controlled paper planes need up to 20 minutes for a full charge, the PowerUp 2.0 motor is rather impressive. You’ll get to recharge and use the motor up to 50 times before the 3 AA batteries weaken and need replacement them. Not many RC paper planes can offer this. 

#2. Easy to Install Motor 

The PowerUp 2.0 attachment motor is easy to install on your paper airplane. If you’re buying it for your kids, it offers the perfect opportunity for you to teach them how to fold their planes and motorize them with a conversion kit. The manual contains details on how to assemble it, but it isn’t rocket science. You can teach your children about aerodynamics with a simple demonstration with the powerup paper airplane 2.0. Just make sure that you don’t use the plane when a storm is on the way as paper planes can’t withstand strong winds. 

#3. It Flows With the Wind 

The PowerUp 2.0 might be motorized, but it doesn’t come with a remote controller and cannot be controlled by a smartphone. As soon as you let it fly, you have no control over what direction it takes. It merely flows with the wind. The build of the paper plane is essential. The more accurate your paper plane is, the more precise its flying will be. Depending on what you want, this may be a good or a bad thing. However, the education and experience gained when you get it right and the thrill of watching your paper plane fly for a long time are priceless.


● It speeds up your paper plane and gives you more run time than other motors 

● The charge time is short, and the batteries can last for up to 50 charges 

● You can try it with different paper plane designs 

● It is more durable than many other paper planes 


● You will have limited control of the paper plane since there is no way to change the direction when it’s afloat 

● You don’t get a motorized plane straight out of the box. You need to fold one. 

The Verdict 

The PowerUp 2.0 attachment motor is one of the best products you can use to motorize your paper airplane. It is durable and easy to use, like other PowerUp toys. For the educational experience alone, I think this product is worth every dollar.

Power Up 2.0 Paper Airplane Motor

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